Services: Meeting the Demands for Waste Management in Kirkland, WA and the Greater Seattle Area

Atlas Junk Removal, LLC is the prime solution provider for waste management in Kirkland, WA and the greater Seattle Area. Locally owned and operated, our company works hard to give our best services while maintaining eco-friendly standards.

We offer the following services and more! We’re always ready to fulfill your needs and help you with property management in your homes or shops by getting rid of old furniture and other junk.

  • Junk/Furniture Disposal Service

    Our methods are effective in removing old beds, cabinets, couches, pianos and other unwanted appliances or furniture, no matter where they are in your house! Even basements or rooftops won’t be a problem! We also do the same for old appliances and we make sure that their materials are properly recycled or discarded afterward.
  • Office Space

    Decluttering spaces and getting rid of unwanted files can be stressful for business owners who don’t have time to waste. Luckily, we work fast and efficiently, so rest assured that our removal methods won’t stop you from working for long.
  • Debris

    We perform construction cleanup services. We collect all sorts of construction debris, from wooden planks to metals to anything else you need to be removed.
  • Garage and Storage Areas

    We also provide our recycling service in and out of Kirkland, WA. We specialize in old garage items, tools, and mechanical wastes. No matter how cluttered a storage room or unit may be, trust that we’ll clear your space without delay.

We recycle as much as 60-75% of our collections. This includes electronic wastes which are harmful to the environment, making them difficult to throw away. If we find fully functional items in our collection of repurposed materials, we donate them to charities.

As for wastes, we have procedures to ensure that they will be properly managed. We also segregate the green wastes from others, and make sure they’re all used properly in composts.

We supply the people’s demand for proper waste management. Our purpose is to help everyone, and that’s why we’re ready to give free estimates for our services. So feel free to give us a call or send us a message via our contact form so we can assist you with getting rid of your old items and wastes.

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